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The mission is straightforward - to 'put points on the board' for every client. 


Lead engaging communications strategies tailored for diverse audiences and distribution channels.

Content Efficacy

Build authentic relationships to cultivate brand credibility, reliability, and vision.

Authentic Relations

Committed to positive change. Leverage public relations to help actualize social impact goals.


Convey and convince. Articulate your brand’s essence with simplicity, sincerity, accuracy, and brevity.

Masterful Writing

About Pele Rouge Communications 

Throughout my career, I have cultivated relationships with national and regional 

reporters, influencers, and community/non-profit leaders across multiple industries. This ability to build and maintain strategic partnerships has been instrumental in maximizing the impact of communications and awareness campaigns, driving positive outcomes for leading corporate and non-profit individuals and organizations alike. 


You can learn more about my experience on LinkedIn

Just as the great Brazilian soccer player Pelé understood that moving a ball from defense to offense requires players to communicate effectively, Pele Rouge collaborates with organizations, businesses and thought leaders seeking inclusive, collaborative, and results-driven strategies. The better the communication, the better the opportunity to score points. 

Throughout my 15-year career, I have cultivated relationships with national and regional reporters, influencers, policymakers, and community/non-profit leaders across multiple industries.

I've worked with hundreds of clients, including WildAid, Lockheed Martin, Advanced Microgrid Solutions, impact investor Kat Taylor, Philip Morris International, The ReGenesis Institute, Allensworth Progressive Association, Utility Risk Management Corp., The California Association of Health Plans, The Marine Mammal Center, Ricochet Ridge Ranch, fintech associations, and International NGOs.​

Lucy-Claire Saunders has 15 years of communications experience, working with nonprofits, businesses and thought leaders

You can learn more about my experience on LinkedIn

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